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by Rotten Anti Social Club

Sticker Set

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No Waste Of Energy

Everything about trash and waste get’s us excited. However, we don’t waste energy in Zero Valley. That’s why our trashion pieces are made entirely of organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. This method of cultivation saves water and respects ecosystems and biodiversity.

Ideal Trash Wash

If your fellow rotters keep their distance, it might be time to get rid of the reek. Machine wash cold with like colors. If your trashion piece has a filthy graphic, we recommend turning it inside out to preserve the print. If your rags have a zipper, please zip completely before washing and drying.

Filthy Air Dry

Look after your garbage garment by letting it dry in filthy air because tumble drying can cause your rags to shrink and can damage the print. If you’re really pushed for time, tumble them in the lowest setting but otherwise leave it to dry on a drying rack or clothesline, out of direct sunlight. Rotter’s rags like it dark and dirty.